The thrill of the hunt!

You may wonder, how often do I go out looking for new antiques and items to put on my shelf?

Well the answer is 3-6 days a week!

I will normally hit the same places a few times a week because they are always putting out new stuff. Then every other weekend or so, I normally go out to a bigger or new place to check out!

I enjoy the hunt! I like digging through buckets and shelves full of random things. You never know what you are going to get. What do they say…one persons junk is another persons treasure?


I normally always have an idea of what I’m looking for that day. It could be plates, pottery, an art piece, etc. Although, if something speaks to me and I can’t live without it, I get it! There are a few days I go out just to see what I can see. You’d be surprised at how often it’s a hit or miss at some of the locations. Sometimes it’s like a dry waste land and other times it’s like hitting a chest full of gold! Now, I have a list of particular thing for my permanent “Personal Collection” list for a while. A few of them I have been lucky to find gotten, such as a gramophone, an old trunk and an old antique dresser. A few things I’m still hunting for are:

  1. blue/green transfer-ware

  2. Glass and gold perfume bottles

  3. A heart locket with flowers

  4. An antique oval marble entry table

  5. A Victorian couch

As time passes, I’m sure this list will continue to grow and of course, if something catches my eye… Always, Rachel

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